Sunday, 22 May 2011

1/48 RF-101B Voodoo

This model was a relatively new commer to the shelf  of shame  after a rapid start with the cokpit built the fuselage together and the wings on the building came to an abrupt halt and it was concined to the shelf of shame.I don't know what put me off finishing it may be it was how to overcome the areas that needed sanding down and how to restore the raised panel lines as I really had no intention to rescribe this kit as to me it feels more like a chore than fun. Which is what modelling really boils down to in  the end.

Well at the begining of the week I found a inspiration to finish the Voodoo and sudden uncontrollable urge  to re-scribe the entire model. which was easier than I first anticipated as the raised panel lines are fairly big.

Onto the model itself, it is the usual Monogram kit great detail, good outline but raised panel lines and questionable fit in some areas. But having said that it was a cheap model and no one else does one so as long as your willing to put the time in the results are worth it but as I mentioned earlier Monogram kits can very easily end up on the shelf of shame.

The build begins with the fuel vents being added to the inside of the fuselage ( you thought I was going to say the cockpit) which I hollowed out using a sharp blade to give then a bit more depth.  Next up was the undercarriage bays which have good level of detail and fit very well.  These where painted with Vallejo interior green with a bit of yellow added to make it look a bit more like zinc chromate. Once all the little details had been  picked out a wash was applied and work began on the engine inlets which have a couple of seems to sort out before they are installed on the wing.

with all that done my attention turned to the cockpit which is very well detailed the ejection seats are fantastic and after painting and a dark pin wash really look the part.

 One last bit to be done and then the fuselage can be closed up and the wings added. This is the nose wheel bay again given the same treatment as the main gear bays and with all the doors painted insignia red.

At this point I lost interest and the model went onto the shelf of doom until the beginning of this week.   Most of the seems are pretty easy to sort out and the fit was generally quite good apart form the area just behind the wings which had a massive step on each side. Out with the sanding sticks and a bit of elbow grease later all was right. the majority of my time on this kit was spent re scribing it and reinstating all the rivets which was done one by one with a pin in a pin vice. With a final polish up it was time to paint!

First up for paint was the jet exhaust area which was painted with 4 colours from the Alcad range. Firstly Jet Exhaust was sprayed this gives a kind of pre-shading affect next Stainless steel was applied follwed by Aluminium. The burnt effect was created by using Pale burnt metal and Tamiya clear blue. To finish off a light dry brushing with Vallejo chrome gave subtle highlights to the raised rivet detail. Gloss varnish was then applied the exhaust area was then masked up and left till the very end of the build.

Now for the main camouflage colours. For this I used the Vallejo Model Air range all colours where sprayed free hand starting which the underside grey and working from the lightest colours to the darkest. I decide to try pre shading with a sharpie marker with worked very well and also had the added benefit of removing the dust from all the re scribing.

With all the colours painted a gloss coat was applied, for this I find Vallejo's gloss varnish in a spray can gives the best results and is very easy to do. Once dry the decals where applied which were still ok  considering how old they where. Another gloss coat was applied then and oil wash went on to bring out the panel and rivet detail.

Finally a matte coat went on and all the little details where applied.

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