Monday, 18 July 2011

1/48 B-58 Hustler Part 1

Revell's (Monogram's) B-58 Hustler needs no introduction! Whilst sitting at my modelling desk, I couldn't help but see how hard it would be to re scribe. The task actually turned out  not to be too difficult - nice raised panel lines and straight lines, before I knew it the upper wing was done! This quickly lead onto the cockpit and a few other bits being built.........

The cockpit is very well detailed and comes together really nicely. The cockpit is painted in US barley grey with a slightly darker shade of grey used to pick out the panels.  The dials were given a wash of black to make the detail pop out and the bright colours on the seat give the cockpit interest even though not much can be seen once trapped inside.

 Next up whilst the paint dried on the cockpit I decided to make a start on all the little bits and the not so little bits.  The fit of these parts was easily as good as any modern day kit  the only question at this point is do I use the larger fuel pod or the smaller bomb pod?
 That's it for now next on the agenda is finishing off the cockpit, then the highly detailed undercarriage and putting the fuselage together, easier said than done...

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  1. My father was involved with the Hustler program from it's early test and development days at Davis-Monthan AFB,through deployment with the 43rd BW while at Carswell AFB, then reassigned to the 305th BW at Bunker Hill AFB. 2nd AF HQ at Barksdale , still involved with management in the B-58 program then back to the 305th about the time Bunker Hill was renamed Grissom AFB through the Hustler's removal from service. Dad was also a charter and lifetime member of the Hustler Association.
    As far as the SEA camo paint scheme, there is little debate about it. While it was an idea even provided for in the 1-1-4, it simply didn't happen. I have discussed with my dad and have read reports from former B-58 crew members and technicians and read newsletters from the Hustler Asso. and no one recalls any B-58 painted in camouflage . There were only about 100 B-58s ever built and most likely would have been remembered if any had been anything but bare metal.
    However, the SEA Camo scheme does make for an interesting and very attractive "what if".
    Another point about this kit is the underwing Mk43 nukes. While the system was developed and operational, from what I understand, it wasn't common for the B-58 to carry them. The TCP (Two Component Pod) was the preferred payload. There were also several other pods developed for the B-58 to carry.
    A good book to look for is Aerograph 4 by Jay Miller. I don't know if it's still in print but is a great source of info about the Hustler if one can find it. I'm not about to let go of my dads old copy.
    An funny sidebar. Whenever you hear the John Denver song "Thank God I'm a Country Boy", he wasn't. He was a SAC brat, his daddy flew B-58s. ,Maj.Henry" Dutch" Deutschendorf.


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