Friday, 22 July 2011

1/48 B-58 Hustler Part 2

B-58 Undercarriage 
As promised the undercarriage is done which is highly detailed and very easy to put together. To fully build up the undercarriage before final assembly I placed the main parts in the gear bays and used that to line up the additional parts.   This was then painted with Vallejo Aluminium and will receive a black wash once the paint has dried.

 As I said in the previous post on this build I have made up the nukes but noticed when I went to clean up the hard points for them that the parts have large holes in an awkward place. Because of this I decided not to put the nukes on the model.  In turn this led to the holes for the hard points needing to be filled which was easily done by backing the holes with plastic card then filling and sanding.

For the filling on this model I wanted to try something different and quick.  For this I used a technique I have seen on various websites using super glue and talcum powder.  To do this simply mix talcum powder with super glue to create a paste and apply like normal filler.  The more the talcum powder the thicker the paste. A word of caution: only  mix up a small amount at a time as the paste dries very quickly.  Once the filler dries sand flush for a smooth finish.

These holes where completed in about 5 minutes from backing the holes to sanding flush.

From that point on the build has picked up some speed but more on that in the next post...........

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