Friday, 29 July 2011

1/48 B-58 Hustler Part 3

 A lot has happened very quickly with the Hustler. Although the kit is fairly large there is not a great deal to build, not much of an interior and not to much to put together on  the outside.  Not that I'm complaining, rather the opposite.  I love it when a kit builds up quickly as you get further ahead before the interest dies off.
Whilst the glue was drying on the main parts of the Hustler I decided to get some of the smaller parts completed.  The main ones left to do were the exhausts. These were done very simply by spraying inside and out a dark silver thwen painting inside the feathers with a light silver.  The insides were painted a mud brown shade with off white sprayed over the top.  this  was all finished off with black being sprayed on the edges.

 The final bit of work to be done was sorting out the horrendous joints of the engine pods and fuel pods to the main airframe.  This is particually hard due to angles and locations of the joints.  For the engine pod to wing joint I used super glue and talcum powder.  For the join to underside of the wing and fuselage I used Squadron putty smoothed off with nail polish remover as I did not have any way of sanding those areas.

 With the last of the filling and sanding completed a final primer coat was sprayed and no more flaws were detected so it was time for paint!

As soon as I got this kit I had only one scheme in mind the Southeast Asia camo.  Whilst the is some to debate as to whether this scheme was actually ever applied to this aircraft it is definitely a scheme that was conceived for the Hustler as there were instructions on applying this scheme in the USAF TO-1-1-4.   As it would happen the Revell boxing has a decal option for this camo scheme, so armed with this info it was time to paint.

For this model I decided to spray the camo pattern free hand which was easier than I first though. To begin the painting process the whole model was pre shaded then the top camo colours applied starting with the lightest. For the colours I added a few drops of with  to give the colours a faded slightly chalky look then post shaded with the original colour  across the panel lines  and in a fairly random fashion. 

Unfortunately I have run out of black and black grey paint so the Hustler has come to a grinding halt.  but that should be rectified by the end of the weekend so more soon....

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